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Fallacy About Success

Fallacy About Success


I’m not sure if you caught this on my Instagram, but I wanted to share it with my email list as well to provide some clarity on a topic I feel a lot of people are confused about…See below, and if you’re not already, you can follow my IG by searching @chriscavallini, or click the link at the end of this message…


I had a lot of fun visiting Jet Pack Nutrition in Jacksonville, FL today, and showing some love to the awesome people behind it all.

A couple of years ago I actually looked at the exact same space when it was vacant and was thinking about potentially moving my companies headquarters there!!

The owner Jet and his brother Chino who are both friends of mine are building their brand and paying their dues, and I’m proud of how far they’ve come!! If you’re in Jacksonville and need some help with your diet hit them up!


Even if you’re a client of my company, check them out and see if they have some better options in place to suit your personal needs. I promise, it will NOT hurt my feelings, and their meals are fire!!

After speaking to the staff and saying my goodbyes, I got to thinking…I couldn’t help but think how disturbing it is the fact that most human beings will live their entire life operating under a false, self-sabotaging belief system…

The majority of society have convinced themselves that there are only limited amounts of “success” and “opportunity” available in the world, and the more other people succeed, the less likely they’ll be able to.

This is literally the opposite of reality, and as difficult as it may be for some of you to hear, if you think that way, you’re probably a loser.

Contrary to popular negative belief, there’s enough sunlight in the world to shine down on everybody. But it’s your decision entirely whether or not you ever decide to step out of the shade!

Proud of you boys! Keep going!


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