This book changed my mindset

This book changed my mindset

It was an honor and privilege having Tim Grover visit the Nutrition Solutions HQ recently.

Our team is still buzzing from the powerful talk he gave.

For those who don’t know…

Tim Grover is an author, entrepreneur, international speaker, and a leading authority in the mental toughness/self-development spaces.

He was Michael Jordan’s trainer for 15 years.

When Michael retired, Tim went on to train Kobe Bryant.

Today he coaches elite athletes and entrepreneurs on how to take their game to the next level.

Tim called me and said he was coming to Tampa and wanted to come by HQ to personally thank our team.

He’s been a client of Nutrition Solutions for a few years, and in that time…

Has gotten himself in phenomenal physical shape.

Despite his busy schedule, it was important to Tim to meet the team at Nutrition Solutions and tell them how they have helped him change his life.

Class act through and through.

I first read Tim’s best-selling book “Relentless” in 2016.

At that time, I was piecing my life and business back together after narrowly escaping a lengthy prison sentence.

The book in and of itself was impactful…

But there were 2 specific principles that I extrapolated that shifted my mental framework and changed my life forever.

First, the fact that stress and pressure is a PRIVILEGE.

Stress keeps you sharp, gives you purpose, and without it…

Success is not possible.

My life was a dumpster fire at the time, but I realized my problem wasn’t the stress.

It was my attitude toward stress that was keeping me stuck and unable to move forward.

Once I changed this key perspective…

I started experiencing results unimaginable to my former, weaker, shittier self.

Secondly, Relentless helped me understand that I didn’t have to love every facet of my work…

But by focusing on and becoming obsessed with the result, everything else becomes irrelevant.

My focus at that time was on the stress, problems, and things about my business that I didn’t enjoy.

So as one can imagine…

I continued to manifest more stress and problems until I changed this paradigm.

I would not be who I am today, nor would our company have seen the success it has if not for Tim’s influence on my life.

Tim Grover is a rare breed of human.

If you don’t follow him and haven’t read his books, fix that.

Tim was a mentor to me before he was aware of my existence.

Eventually, our paths crossed, and even though he’s now a friend…

I’ll never be “too cool” to acknowledge how much I admire, respect, and appreciate the impact he’s had on my life.

If you want to bulletproof your mindset, make sure to follow Tim and check out his book Relentless.

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