Prioritizing Your Priorities For Dummies

Prioritizing Your Priorities For Dummies

How many things can you think of at this very moment that you should do, need to do, and in all reality have no excuses for not already doing, other than laziness or being “too busy’?  No worries, you’re not alone.  Thinking about all the important things you’ve been sleeping on or blowing off all together can get overwhelming.

(I do this between 4-7 times a day so I’m familiar)
So what if anything can we do to help organize our thoughts and move forward with our lives without causing ourselves even more stress?

Focus is probably the single most difficult skill one can master.  Incidentally, it’s also the most important if you plan on experiencing success in any number of areas in your life.

Today I’m going to help you gain focus and structure your priorities in the most simplistic way possible.
Fill in the blanks as detailed and honestly as possible and post in a conspicuous place where you have absolutely no choice but to look at and review it daily.

Ex. Bathroom mirror, nightstand, refrigerator, office wall, desk etc.

Download your priority list here.

  1. The most important thing I need to change about my life in the next year is:
  2. One thing I must do to immediately start working toward that change is:
  3. To feel significant, accomplished, and happy on a consistent basis I must:
  4. In order to improve my body I must:
  5. In order to expand my mind and become more educated I will:
  6. To better my career and financial situation I must:
  7. What would make me feel most fulfilled is:
  8. One thing I can do to give back and contribute beyond myself is:
  9. The one quality I need to improve on the most is:
  10. Once I make this improvement I will feel:
  11. If I fail to change and am in the same place I am a year from now I will be:

Hopefully now the thought of change isn’t as scary.  Time to get to work.

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