Do Woman Prefer Dad Bods? What the Science Says…

Do Woman Prefer Dad Bods? What the Science Says…

If a woman says she prefers a dad bod, it doesn’t mean what you think it does.

A recent study let 160 women rate photographs of men with varying levels of fitness.

The results?

All 160 women preferred a more masculine, stronger-looking man.

Not a single woman chose a picture of a weaker, softer body during the experiment.

Obviously not amazing news for the dad-bod sporting populace.

But it’s rooted in human biology.

Physically stronger men are perceived as more warrior-like, protective, and capable.

You don’t become fit by accident.

A man becomes fit due to his unrelenting sacrifice, dedication, and discipline.

Which is one of the reasons fitness is directly linked to higher status and income.

That said…

A man who’s eating a high protein, nutrient dense diet and in the gym 5x a week isn’t accepting a woman who sits around on Instagram all day eating Nutella.

Women are NOT attracted to a body that isn’t fit.

Some are just off-put by the fact that a man who is fit and disciplined may have the same expectation for her.

If a woman says she prefers a dad bod, she’s really saying she wants a man who’s not going to judge her for gaining weight and not doing anything about it.

She’s also saying she doesn’t want to compete with other women for her man’s attention.

Many married women have tried debating me on this point.

“But I love my husband’s dad bod.”

Me: “Of course.

You’re a good woman and love your husband unconditionally.

I would argue, though, that your love is for your husband – not his dad bod.

After all, would you be attracted to the same body on another man?”

After a 3-4 second awkward pause…

100% of the time, they answer, “well, now that I think about it that way – NO.”

Society needs to stop being delusional.

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