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URGENT READ: How delegating your meal prep saves you $ and 10+ hours per week!

URGENT READ: How delegating your meal prep saves you $ and 10+ hours per week!

Do you consider your time valuable?

Of course you do!

Ask most people and they’ll tell you it’s the most important asset you have as there is no getting it back.

Just look at it this way, if you earn $25,000 per year, then every hour of your time is worth roughly $12. Obviously the more you earn the higher that figure, but you get the point!

We say we value our time, but most spend way too much of it doing things of low priority and value that do everything but move the needle of our lives forward!

Once you switch your mindset and start valuing your time with a realistic numerical number, you quickly see which mundane tasks could be disregarded, replaced or outsourced not only to save you precious time, money and energy but actually allow you to get better results in those areas as well!

In fact, this mindset is one of the leading attributes shared by all successful entrepreneurs, athletes, celebrities and high-level performers around the world!

This is also one of the MAJOR benefits that people note when using Nutrition Solutions or a comparable meal prep service, apart from the healthy, mouth-watering meals, accountability and life-changing transformations that materialize when one stays committed and consistent!

And trust us, it is so much easier to stay committed and consistent to a diet when you don’t have to do any planning, shopping, cooking, cleaning, when the decision-making process is taken off your hands and you have a team of NASM certified Fitness & Nutrition specialists and Weight Loss Specialists available to help guide you along the way!

Based on independent research, individuals who use a meal prep service to help them crush their goals will save an average of 10 hours per week!!

For example, the average American will spend 40 minutes on getting lunch & snacks and 45 minutes cooking dinner, in a typical week you’re spending up to 595 minutes, or over 10 hours just getting food! Now that’s just on lunch, dinner and snacks, it doesn’t factor in if those foods actually move you closer to or further away from your goals!

With almost 3/4 of the American population currently categorized as “OBESE or “OVERWEIGHT”, we can only assume the latter to be true…

Now, at the calculation above, that’s $120 per WEEK or around $500 per month in your time/money just wasted eating out, mindlessly snacking out of the candy machine or preparing food!

Remember, this figure represents 10-12 actual meals and some miscellaneous snacks, far from what one needs to accomplish his or her goals, respectively!

Worst of all, for all that time, energy and hard work, most people are nowhere close to having a physique they are comfortable or happy with.

So, the question I have for you today is this; How much is your time, health, confidence and quality of life really worth to you? (Rhetorical)

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