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5 Lies The “Fitness” Industry Has Told You…


5 Lies The “Fitness” Industry Has Told You…

Unfortunately, for an industry which is supposed to help people progress with their health, self-confidence, quality of life and knowledge, the “fitness” industry has a bad reputation for misleading people!

What you must remember is that many businesses have an agenda to make you believe something in order to sell products – if they can create confusion, anxiety and desperation then you are far more likely to “BELIEVE” the hype and hand over your hard earned dollars! This scenario is especially abundant in the fitness industry, which considering the nature of what’s at stake, is not only morally/ethically wrong, but very dangerous as well!


#1 You Need a Fat Burner to Lose Fat

Fat burning supplements are amongst the most marketed products in all the supplement industry. People love the idea that a pill will be able to take them from fat to fit, unfortunately, that is impossible. Body fat is lost only when we burn more calories daily then we consume. Utilizing a natural, non-stimulant diuretic like l- carnitine can assist with fat loss as well as have positive cognitive benefits, but only when paired with a sound diet and exercise program. Keep in mind, supplements are for and only work when you do just that, “supplement” them in with the diet and workouts.

#2 Fruit Is Bad

Fruit always gets singled out for having sugar which people perceive as being bad for fat loss, what they fail to realize is that some of the most nutritionally dense foods in the world are fruit. Blueberries, raspberries and strawberries especially, are all loaded with powerful antioxidants, Vitamin c and fiber, hence why we use them frequently in our fresh baked protein bars, pancakes and high protein donuts!

If you’re in a calorie deficit consuming fruit will NOT make you fat. The sugar content is absolutely fine and even healthy when operating in a deficit. The micro nutrition fruit provides is essential to optimal health, mental acuity, energy and wellness.

#3 Carbs Make You Fat

Carbs are the opposite of bad when you take them in from the right sources, practice portion control and stop listening to all the BS out there that says they make you fat. Carbs don’t make you fat. Eating like sh*t makes you fat.

When you have a goal to lose fat and build lean muscle, carbs are amazing! They will give you more energy all day, fuel your workouts, improve recovery and help build lean muscle mass! Additionally, when consumed closer to bedtime, they’ll also promote better sleep cycles! Yup, the “no carbs before bed myth” is BS too.

#4 Eat Lots of Fat To Lose Body Fat

Healthy fats are super important to our health which is why Nutrition Solutions Fitness Chefs prepare each ingredient with the healthiest oils and our International Chef Inspired Menus contains only the best sources, including the homemade coconut oil base frosting we make fresh every day to put on our protein donuts! However, we use moderate amounts in order to benefit your health while sustaining a calorie deficit to ensure fat loss goals are met!

The idea that you get to eat as many healthy fats as you would like to and will still be able to burn body fat is CRAZY, because even if only super healthy sources like lean beef, coconut oil, high-quality nut butter or avocado are consumed, you will end up in a calorie surplus, making it impossible to lose fat.

A calorie deficit is ALWAYS needed to transform your body and is the “secret” to torching fat away fast!

#5 All Calories Are Created Equal

Of all the nutrition myths, the calorie myth is one of the most confusing and potentially harmful!

We are talking about the idea that calories are the most important part of the diet — not the actual source of said calorie.

“A calorie is a calorie. Period,” some might say — that it doesn’t matter whether you eat 300 calories of pizza or grilled chicken, that each will have the same impact on your weight.

In this one off, one meal situation that statement technically is true.

The human body is a highly complex biochemical system with elaborate processes that regulate energy balance. Different foods go through different biochemical pathways, some of which are inefficient and cause energy (calories) to be lost as heat.

Even more important is the fact that different foods and macronutrients have a major effect on the hormones and brain centers that control hunger and eating behavior

But what foods you eat have a huge impact on the biological processes that control when what and how much you eat as well as dictate how you feel, for the better or worse. When we eat junk food we may feel like sh*t after, but after a short period of time we will start to crave it again due to the effects sugar and heavily processed carbohydrates have on the brain.

Healthy foods satiate and help keep us fuller for longer, as well as keep us energetic, mentally sharp, positive and even increase our sex drive!!

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