Fast Food: What’s Really In It?

Here’s the deal, if you are educated enough to read this then you are intelligent enough to know fast food isn’t ideal for anything except accruing massive amounts of body fat, making you feel like sh*t after the fact, and spending entirely too much money in the process right? (Average $12.50 per meal)

The Healthiest Fast Foods

Clearly we are all intelligent enough to know when trying to lose weight, get washboard abs, or rid ourselves of those unsightly love handles and belly fat, the drive-thru should be avoided like the Black Plague. Inevitably, at some point, we will all find ourselves in a position where life happens, and we’re stuck having to re-fuel at one of the many fast food restaurants that generously contribute to the obesity epidemic plaguing our great nation. At this point it’s important we make the most informed decision possible with the limited resources available.