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Would Having A Private Chef Be Better Than Using Us?


Would Having A Private Chef Be Better Than Using Us?

Today I wanted to give you some valuable perspective and just reaffirm and validate the decision you made to partner up with us and become part of our family…

So most people think that having a private chef is a luxury only attainable for the super rich and famous…And in some instances, this can be true.

A traditional “Private Chef” can cost upwards of $60,000 per year, this figure represents only the salary of the Chef. It does NOT include the cost of groceries or miscellaneous expenses involved.

Although our program costs far less, that doesn’t mean you get less…In fact, in this instance, we actually offer more than a high dollar private chef…

You see, traditionally trained private chefs focus strictly on flavor with no regard for nutritional content or their client’s goals. They are extremely heavy handed with cooking oils, butter and sauces and seldom use measuring tools when adding in components for flavor, easily adding in 2-300 extra calories in the blink of an eye, which can easily make the difference between whether or not the daily caloric deficit needed for fat loss is achieved or not.

Our TEAM of Fitness Chefs have taken on the role as your PERSONAL CHEF, but also tailor your meals to your goals and of course, are much more affordable.

Also, you’re getting the experience and services of not just one Chef, but an entire team of Culinary Assassins with a wide range of experience. Our Fitness Chefs are highly trained in attention to detail, nutrition, food safety and best of all, actively live the lifestyle and are fully committed to helping you successfully reach their goals!

Like a lot of things in life, it all comes down to perspective and being aware of the resources that are available to everyone, not just the multimillionaires and billionaires of the world!

When you make the decision to prioritize your health and fitness goals and elect to outsource the heavy lifting, as you have with us, you’re essentially hiring your own team of private chefs and certified Fitness & Nutrition Specialist and Weight Loss Specialists that are available to support you along your journey…

All for a fraction of the cost, with a boatload of added upside!

By going this route you also end up saving:


On average 10 hours per week are saved! That’s more time to spend on the things that matter most like family, friends, goals and fitness!


You are able to rest comfortably and confidently assured that you are getting healthy meals tailored to your goals, that not only taste great but when consumed consistently will help you lose fat, build muscle, have more energy, confidence, focus, improved mood and overall a more positive outlook on life! GUARANTEED!!


By using a healthy meal prep company most people actually save money from what they end up spending cumulatively throughout the week. Do the math and add up what you would spend eating out, your grocery bill, vending machine use, fast food pick up etc. You’ll probably be shocked! Plus you know you’re eating healthy, nutritious food that will help you look, feel and perform better! Eating food that makes you feel and look like sh*t is an expense, a very costly one at that!! When you’re eating healthy and working towards a new and improved you, it is an investment in your overall quality of life.

Headaches & Frustration

No need to grocery shop, cook, clean, do dirty dishes or ever think about where your next meal is coming from, or whether or not it’s actually good for you. You will also never have to worry about being disappointed with not getting results because, at Nutrition Solutions, that is what we pride ourselves on! As long as you follow the program by eating the meals provided consistently and don’t sabotage your goals by eating a bunch of crap outside the program, or binge on weekends, you will get amazing results!

Summer is almost here…

I’m really not a big fan of excuses, but I’ve trained myself to look for any excuse I can to step up my fitness goals! Whether it’s tightening up on my diet, turning up the intensity of my workouts, or overall just being more consistent across the board.

I highly encourage that you also use summer as an “excuse” to go a little harder and get better with me!

Thank you for the opportunity you’ve given our company. Please let us know if there is anything we can help you with.

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