12 Days of Christmas Home Workout

To workout or not workout on Christmas Day, that is the question? Christmas is a special day for several reasons; spending time with family and loved ones, gifts, and of course you‘ve earned a Get Out Of Jail Free Card for consuming everything and anything your little heart desires, and it’s completely justified because it is after all Christmas, right?!While are brains will undoubtedly tell us that it’s ok to eat everything in sight, sadly our bodies do not get that memo, and this huge calorie surplus could in fact cause some serious problems, especially for those trying to lose weight.

Playlist for a Better Workout

So most of you are all to familiar with what it feels like to arrive at the gym, only to realize you left your headphones at home. For the majority, no music means a less efficient workout. In fact, the research shows that listening to music while exercising will increase intensity and endurance by 15%! Other studies have shown that listening to music during workouts can also increase heart rate and improve oxygen consumption, which in turn allows the body to burn more calories.