Playlist for a Better Workout

So most of you are all to familiar with what it feels like to arrive at the gym, only to realize you left your headphones at home. For the majority, no music means a less efficient workout. In fact, the research shows that listening to music while exercising will increase intensity and endurance by 15%! Other studies have shown that listening to music during workouts can also increase heart rate and improve oxygen consumption, which in turn allows the body to burn more calories.

Is Regular Cardio Making You Fat?

I realize this will be a somewhat controversial topic and opinions may vary considerably, but today I want to explore and discuss how cardio can and just maybe making you fat! This may seem inconceivable to some, but recent research and scientific evidence shows that long, monotonous, slow and steady state cardio sessions actually hinder your bodies natural ability to burn body fat; specifically in your belly! Cardio directly will not cause you to gain fat, but there are situations where performing cardio in conjunction with other behaviors will lead to unwanted weight gain and increased body fat.

Making Lifestyle Changes

Well, most of us can only keep up with an extreme diet for so long. Once we’ve reached our goal weight, we can’t wait to start eating “normally” again. The problem is, that “normal” eating is what caused all that weight gain in the first place! As soon as you go back to eating the same way you used to, those pounds come marching back on. In order to successfully lose weight and keep it off, you’re going to have to address your entire lifestyle. Hence the principles we advocate with all of you living the Nutrition Solutions Lifestyle. This means looking at what you eat, why you eat it, how much you exercise, and the choices you make both within your personal and professional everyday life.