VIDEO ALERT: Extreme Exercises, Extreme Results

If you are wanting to get leaner, stronger and look like a superstar in the process, check out this short video I put together to help all of you do just that!
Here I showcase some of my unconventional training that will improve your physique, allow you to diversify and have some fun with your workouts, and also, more importantly look cool in the gym or on social media in the process!

The Healthiest Fast Foods

Clearly we are all intelligent enough to know when trying to lose weight, get washboard abs, or rid ourselves of those unsightly love handles and belly fat, the drive-thru should be avoided like the Black Plague. Inevitably, at some point, we will all find ourselves in a position where life happens, and we’re stuck having to re-fuel at one of the many fast food restaurants that generously contribute to the obesity epidemic plaguing our great nation. At this point it’s important we make the most informed decision possible with the limited resources available.

Do You H.I.I.T. It Right?

Now as you already know, but I feel it’s my professional obligation to kindly remind you of, if you stayed CONSISTENT on your diet and exercise plans all year long, you wouldn’t have to work nearly as hard to get your body “summer ready”, or stress and burn yourself out with two-a-days or calorie restrictive diets (that don’t even work BTW).
But we can revisit that in another article.

How to lose weight fast, 5 pounds in 5 days!

It’s officially summer time so I’m assuming this will appeal to the masses as we all scramble to get our bodies tight and right for the beaches, pool parties, and cookouts we have to look forward to. Today I wanted to share with you 5 simple, but highly effective techniques you can implement very easily that will help you lose up to 5 pounds (maybe even more) in under a week. I realize to some this may seem inconceivable, and to others like a crash course, unhealthy, or TEMPORARY water manipulation trick; but I assure you it’s none of the above.

Want a sexier stomach and waist?

Of course you do.
So as we all have heard abs are indeed made in the kitchen! Maybe not necessarily your kitchen, if you’re one of the lucky ones taking advantage of the customized, pre-made, healthy meals that we offer at Nutrition Solutions, (Shameless plug) but I’m confident you catch my drift!

Drop 2-3 Pounds in 36 Hours!

Hopefully now I have your attention! First off, let me point out this isn’t about some BS fad, gimmick, or unhealthy water manipulation trick. Secondly, I’m NOT trying to sell anything here, so you can confidently read on with the piece of mind that nobody is trying to jam a sub par, pyramid scheme-ish product or service down your throat, and more over, the info within is something I not only advocate, but personally practice on a regular basis.

Beach Muscle Workout Video!

In 53 days it will officially be the first day of summer!! Of course in Jacksonville and Tampa we are fortunate enough to be able to enjoy the warm weather long before then, but I think you see where I’m going here.
As most of you are already practitioners of the Nutrition Solutions Lifestyle, whether you’re enjoying the customized, pre-made meals our company offers, or doing meal prep on your own, I wanted to share with you one of my personal training routines to help you really turn things up for beach season!

Chris Cavallini’s Supplement Guide 101

With all the different literature, psychological marketing efforts, and pyramid schemes out there, finding the right supplement protocol tailored to YOU and your needs can be overwhelming to say the very least! With that said, today I wanted to share with all of you my personal line up of supplements I utilize on a daily basis, along with some benefits of each. My objective here is not to make you an expert on all things nutrition, but to help you gain a better understanding of what’s out there and decide what will work best for you.