Rick spent more than 25 years in the health & fitness industry. His legacy includes work as a personal trainer, a professional photographer, writer, magazine & supplement company owner, and co-owner of two health-conscious restaurants in Los Angeles. His work has been published in many of the world’s most influential health & fitness magazines, and his photos have helped create successful advertising campaigns for industry leaders like MetRx, EAS and Weider Nutrition.
Rick is a certified Nutritional Consultant, a certified Metabolic Typing® advisor, a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist, and has completed training through Dr. Bryan Walsh’s revolutionary program “Fat is Not Your Fault”. These programs examine the specific genetic needs of an individual, determine where function has been lost, and use natural protocols to restore health and vitality.
Schaff is also the proud author of, MISLED, a book that explores the misleading ways “health & fitness” is packaged and sold to the American public. He is also the author of The Fitness Model Plus Diet System; a two tiered system designed to create health and teach people how to use extreme dieting techniques in a safe and effective manner. He is also the co-producer of a unique hypnosis-weight loss CD called Weight Loss Made Simple.