Why You Have To Be In Shape

Just like me it is your personal responsibility to be fit, and cultivate habits consistent to living a healthy lifestyle…

Prioritizing Your Priorities For Dummies

How many things can you think of at this very moment that you should do, need to do, and in all reality have no excuses for not already doing, other than laziness or being “too busy’? No worries, you’re not alone. Thinking about all the important things you’ve been sleeping on or blowing off all together can get overwhelming.
(I do this between 4-7 times a day so I’m familiar)

Why Low Carb Diets Are Stupid

Without citing numerous (and boring) research and studies that have validated time after time just how dumb low carbohydrate “diets” are for athletes or anyone who’s primary goal is to build lean muscle while simultaneously losing fat, let me instead apologize for all the BS you’ve been fed by the trainer at your gym who obtained his certification over the weekend, (no offense to my personal trainer friends out there killing it!) or the nonsense you’ve come across on social media via fitness personalities with strong selfie games who look the part, but sadly have not the slightest clue about nutrition, biomechanics, kinesiology, and dieting in such a way that promotes sustainability, success, and long term results.