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Chris Jericho Shares Why He Loves Nutrition Solutions

Chris Jericho, professional wrestler,musician, media persona and author, shares how staying in shape and being physically fit is more than just ...
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The Golden “Bars” of Life

Like many of us I have seen the same sad scenario played over and over; an overweight woman with a ...
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Can Exercise Be Toxic?

In excerpt from my book, MISLED By Rick Schaff Here are some interesting things to consider when exercising: Exercise can ...
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Best Water Sources?

By now, we all know how important pure water is to maintain proper health. Since our bodies consist mostly of ...
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Shoulders Training- Shoulder Routine

sexy body isn’t just about wash board abs, great legs, and a nice ass... Broad, beautiful shoulders always stand out ...
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Health and Fitness Scams

Health and fitness magazines and radio and television commercial producers often find themselves in precarious situations due to the nature ...
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Chris Joyal iPhone Testimonial

New Client, Christopher Joyal, shares his success by following his meal plan and the lifestyle recommendations of his nutritional consultant, ...
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High Intensity Training Routine at D1 Sports Facility

Chris Cavallini teams up with coach John Forbes and Carly Perz at the incredible D1 Sports training facility in Tampa ...
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Nutrition Solutions Healthy Shake Tips

Certified nutritionist, Rick Schaff, shares some helpful tips on how to make a more nutritious shake ...
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