4 Good Reasons to Not Get Fat Over the Holidays!


The average American adult will put on 3-5 pounds during the months of November and December. But that’s not the worst part… According to a study done by the New England Journal of Medicine, the average American adult will KEEP 1 whole pound of body fat after the holidays and will add an additional 1 […]

The Single Greatest Fat Loss Hack

Today I’m going to share with you The Single Greatest Fat Loss Hack that’s GUARANTEED to get you the results you seek with your fitness goals… But first, I want to share 5 Powerful, Simple Fat Loss Tips that will help change your life! Set a Calorie Goal Instead of a Time Goal For Cardio […]

Elk: Why You Need It in Your Diet

Elk, unbeknownst to many, is like the unicorn of superfoods… Because it’s extremely healthy for you AND tastes great! It’s also rare, expensive, and not something you hear about often, see on the menu while eating out, or serve on the family dinner table much. But it’s one of the cleanest, nutrient-rich proteins you can […]

Cold Showers: Why You Should be Taking Them

Cold showers have been a staple in my peak performance/wellness arsenal every day for the last 5+ years. I can honestly tell you that it’s made a significant positive impact on my life for several different reasons… So, I realize society has conditioned us to believe that for the most part, “cold” or “hot” is […]

BREAKING NEWS: Weekends Count!

Nobody has ever looked back on their life to proudly reminisce about all the weekends they slept all day, skipped the gym, or ate sh*tty food in record amounts, while binge watching reruns on their favorite streaming service. …there’s always gonna be people out there who tell you that’s it’s ok to just relax, disconnect […]

Is Your Psychology With Food Holding You Back?

TRUE LIFE: If you want to take your health, wellness, and body goals to the next level, you can increase your probability of success by 5000% with meal prep! Whether you use a company like Nutrition Solutions to do the work for you, or you understand nutrition and have the time to commit a couple […]

Fad Diets: The Scientific Truth

Here’s the scientific truth behind fad diets… In general, you will lose weight in a short period of time. But the chances are that soon after you will gain back more weight than you had originally lost, leaving you frustrated, depressed, and with a negative neurological association with the process of “healthy eating”. Fad diets […]

Is Regular Cardio Making You Fat?

So I realize this will be a somewhat controversial topic, but if you read to the end, you might be shocked to learn how steady-state cardio can and just maybe causing you to put on weight! Cardio directly will not cause you to gain fat, but there are situations where performing cardio in conjunction with […]

Why Eating Organic Eggs Matters!

They say, “what you don’t know can’t hurt you.” …and while in most situations we would tend to agree, when it comes to the foods we put in our body, not only can it hurt you, inevitably, it could probably kill you. While organic eggs certainly offer a significant amount of nutritional value to your […]


This message could completely change your perspective and mindset as it relates to your health, wellness & fitness goals… It would mean a lot to me if you took a minute to read it today. So I believe that WE, as human beings, have a moral obligation to be fit, healthy, confident & able to […]