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The meal plan is not only convenient, but the food is amazeballs. I save time on cooking, cleaning, and shopping while eating delicious food that is clean and promotes my goal to get lean and build mass. I’ve been with this company for several years and it gets better all of the time. The owner is hands-on, the brains and the brawn of the company, and one of the most dedicated and intense people I know. Check it out.
Brian Lord

I’ve been a customer of Nutrition Solutions for about 6 months. When I started the program, I was 6 ft and weighed 183. Not over­weight, but really wanted to lean out (you know, abs). In the first three months, I had dropped 10 lbs, and I just had my body fat measured and I dropped 4%. Not bad for a sixty­five-year-old. The plus about the program is its ease ­ no shopping for food, meal prep, deciding what to eat, etc. and the food.
Bob Coates

I have been doing Nutrition Solutions for 4 weeks now and I have already lost 20 lbs! I have tons of energy, my skin looks better, I feel better and am even more confident! The crew is amazing, they really care about me, my goals and my satisfaction with their food and service. Chris pours his heart out to help people on a daily basis and I love what he stands for. A huge thank you to Danny, Lee, and Chris for the support and encouragement.
Erica Gray

I’ve been a fan of Nutrition Solutions for a few months and I’m still loving it.
My first thought was I’d give it a try for a week or so and like other meal plans, I’d eventually get bored and bail. I assumed it wouldn’t work for me, my body would react differently than everyone else, the food would be bland, too expensive, blah, blah, blah. Well, I’m still here and looking forward to next weeks menu.

The variety, the flavor (don’t you touch my Bison), and the ease of grab and go makes me very pleased with it. Not to mention I’m feeling more confident in my clothes. That’s huge! The time I save from grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning up is now dedicated elsewhere and I love that.
I thought I was eating well before, and I was, but now it’s more than good. It’s consistently clean and there’s no excuse to detour or binge.


Not your ordinary meal prep company. This food is amazing and always a huge variety to eat from. Especially loved their protein pancakes and protein bars. Makes eating healthy so much easier and convenient. Awesome work guys!
Pat S. Lydon
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So happy with the new shipping out of state! Been a loyal customer to NS for several years now, food keeps getting better and better! From receiving them in Jacksonville to now having them shipped to us in Georgia I can’t say enough good things about the food, customer service and results!
Caitlin Cowley

If you haven’t checked out Nutrition Solutions yet… What are you waiting for? Quit complaining that you don’t see a difference in your physique when you go to the gym 4-5 days a week. Are you eating the appropriate amount of carbs/fat/protein? Do you skip meals?

Well, if that is your issue, and it most likely is; then get on a plan and take the guess work out of your day. I LOVE it, and you will too! I’ll enjoy my delicious/convenient meals, keep getting more ripped, buy out the bikini second on Amazon and look great for Summer… while you keep seeing ZERO results. The choice is yours.

Richelle Bella

Greetings, I am an average guy who happens to have an addiction to working 14­16 hour days and I NEVER WORKOUT. A year ago I noticed I was feeling fatigued half way through the work day. I had tried all kinds of solutions to improve my physical and mental performance at work without any favorable results. That’s when I knew it was time to address my diet. My wife and I put tons of effort in preparing well-balanced meals and to eat better. We started to notice improvements but when we evaluated the time, effort and money we were spending to eat healthy it was crazy. I reached out to Lee Anderson and asked for him to give me the sales pitch on Nutrition Solutions. What he shared with me had me interested but not sold. Lee encouraged me to give it a shot. I trust Lee as a person so why not trust him with Nutrition Solutions.

Here’s where it gets good… After being on Nutrition Solutions for almost 4 months I have lost 20lbs (I haven’t worked out once), My wife and I save 18hrs a week in efforts to prepare and eat healthy and I am saving $80 a week in our food budget. Let’s get the money part straight… I am saving $320 a month, that’s a yearly savings of $3,840. On top of that, we have an extra 936 hours of time per year. The icing on the cake, I feel better than I have ever felt before. To take it a step further, we now offer free lunch to all of our employees in hopes that they too can get on the Nutrition Solutions plan, at the very least they eat well at work. My advice to anyone considering Nutrition Solutions, DO IT and also implement the suggested supplements. It will change your life!


Nutrition Solutions is the best investment I have made. I played Division 1 football and worked out my entire life but never had a healthy diet. Within a month of using Nutrition Solutions, my body looked better than it ever did and I had more energy than ever before. The chef is amazing and the food is restaurant quality. The convenience factor of having every meal already prepared so I don’t waste any time cooking is great. Chris and the Nutrition Solutions staff are friendly and very knowledgeable.

I recommend Nutrition Solutions to everyone and already have friends who joined and also love their results.


Nutrition Solutions is meal prep at its finest! Being from Boston and living so far away from headquarters I was hesitant to try this company thinking the food may not be as fresh as I would have liked. Wow was I wrong on so many levels. The product came neatly packaged in containers that were cooled to perfect temps for successful transportation right to my doorstep.

Nutrition Solution meals are top notch and there was not one menu item I did not love. On top of the food being a 10 out 10 the helpful staff that I dealt with over the phone was extremely accommodating from start to finish. As a matter of fact, the CEO himself actually took the time to reach out and ask me if there was anything he could do to make my experience better. Couldn’t be more happy and impressed with this company and the results I have had. Looking forward to next weeks menu!

Pat S. Lydon

Answer to my prayers! Single mother of 3, family and career focused…constantly running in 20 directions-i desperately needed meal prep made easy! Delicious, affordable AND THEY SHIP FRESH TO COLORADO!!!!! You guys are simply the best!
Linda Savage
Not only does this company and CEO deliver an awesome product, but the customer service is second to none!!This may be the best decision I’ve made in a long time! Lol.

I am WWE/NXT Superstar Mojo Rawley and in my lifetime I have been a 2-Sport Professional Athlete. I played football collegiately as a defensive lineman at the University of Maryland, in addition to professionally for the Green Bay Packers and Arizona Cardinals of the NFL before coming to the WWE. In transition, I have had to undertake a complete body reformation. I went from a business where I needed to be as big as possible to a business where I have to look as good as possible. Needless to say, after being 330 lbs, it has not been easy.

I tried many different diets and many different workout plans but in the end I was not making the gains that I needed to see. Until I met Chris Cavallini. After sitting down with Chris and clearly delineating a very specific nutrition regimen, I started with his company Nutrition Solutions. I began to see results immediately. My body fat percentage was dropping rapidly while my strength and aesthetic appeal started to become far more impressive than before. I can honestly say right now that I look the best I ever have in my life thanks to Chris.

Nutrition Solutions is so convenient and has been such a blessing to me.
Nick Santonastasso